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PortmeirionRichard Clough-Ellis acquired the site for Portmeirion in 1925 for less than £5,000 as it was then, "a neglected wilderness - long abandoned by those romantics who had realised the unique appeal and possibilities of this favoured promontory but who had been carried away by their grandiose landscaping and 'improvement enthusiasm' into sorrowful bankruptcy."

His purchase was noted in an article on Clough-Ellis in The Architects Journal (January 6 1926): "On the sea-coast of North Wales, quite near his own old home, Plas Brondanw, he has acquired what he believes to be an ideal site, and he is engaged upon plans and Portmeirionmodels for the laying out of an entire small township. The results of his scheme will be significant and should do much to shake the current notion that although houses must be designed with due care, towns may grow up by chance".

Portmeirion welcomes visitors both for the day and to stay the night, either in the Hotel Portmeirion on the shore, in the cottages that make up the village, or in Castell Deudraeth overlooking the estuary. All details of the village's history and facilities can be found in this section.